Oculus Transport Ltd. provides a wide variety of services to their clients for transport services all over Western Canada. Whether you need one shipment delivered or hundreds, we have the infrastructure, equipment and training to provide you with the trusted and reliable service you need.

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Pipe Hauling + Storage

Oculus boasts the largest total pipe yard space in northern British Columbia with a fleet of over 60 units that are capable of hauling upwards of 66,000lbs per load. We are dedicated to upholding both safety as well as efficiency and therefore we equip our operators with high performance Pettibone loaders, and our fleet is amongst the largest in British Columbia. Both pipe yards have an adjacent rail spur with the ability to hold 23 incoming cars in Fort St. John and 53 cars in Grande Prairie, and are capable of handling large amount of incoming pipe. To ensure the casing is secure, and for ease of loading and unloading all pipe loads are stripped and strapped. Many of the pipe trucks are winch tractors allowing multiple uses after initial pipe haul, giving us the ability to haul different material on the return. This presents a cost saving opportunity for our customers, and ease of a one stop shop for all your oilfield hauling requirements.

Tank Storage

Our Tank Farms in Fort St. John and Grande Prairie are fully licensed facilities hold capacity of 7000m³ and 10,176m³ respectively. Both locations have direct rail spur access allowing for ease of transfer to create an effective and efficient storage facility.


Oculus recently completed the design and development of fully sealed units that are capable of hauling 30 tons/18-20m³ of raw drill cuttings or material without the use of sawdust. The Enviro Dumps are equipped with patent pending baffles that allow the trailer to climb grades without the load shifting to the rear of the trailer, thus keeping weight on the drive axles.

Fluid Hauling + Storage

Oculus is a fluid hauling specialist, and we ensure customers’ needs are exceeded 24/7, 7 days a week with our 24 hour dispatch office. Our professional fluid dispatchers are highly knowledgeable and are capable of dealing with sometimes unpredictable nature of the oilfield at a moment’s notice. Our fleet of versatile trucks range from ultralight aluminum tri-quad combinations for heavy loads, to the stainless steel 6 and 7 axle combinations. The use of aluminum and stainless still allow us to handle a diverse number of products from light sweet crude to produced water and hazardous waste.

Nitrogen Hauling

A specialized fleet of trucks that are equipped with bulkers specifically designed for the transport of nitrogen. The bulkers are doubled walled, have 25,000 SCM of N₂ capacity and utilize a state of the art 40 PSI pump system. These bulkers are more reliable, efficient and cost effective than the hydraulic systems used by a majority of transport companies today.

LNG Transport

Coming Soon